Get Into Rowing


If you are an experienced rower or cox, see the Squads page for the relevant person to contact.

The different membership categories are described here.

Current membership application form is here.

If you have no - or perhaps very little - experience, please choose the appropriate section below.

Junior (under 18)


Junior learn-to-row courses are run on a regular basis. Please contact the Junior waiting list coordinator - Jane Webb.



Parents - learn more about what you are getting into with our Parents' Guide to Rowing



Sorry - our coaches are at the moment fully committed so we are not currently taking on beginners

If you have previously rowed and are considering joining Pengwern, please contact the captain:

Would you like to give rowing a try? It is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and enjoy the beautiful river Severn. Whatever your age, ability or level of ambition, we hope that Pengwern Boat Club can offer you something. 


We run 'Learn To Row' courses throughout the year. The course runs for ten weeks and fees for 2018 will be £80. This is deductible from your annual membership fee should you decide you would like to continue rowing with Pengwern (that's our aim)!


There is currently a waiting list for these courses. However, to whet your appetite, we will be running a Sunday Night Erg Session from spring. The session is between 5-6pm and will allow us to show you some technique on an erg (rowing machine), work on flexibility and to some extent fitness, before we get you on the water. It also allows you to make a decision on whether you think rowing may be the sport for you before committing to any serious expense. 



Pengwern Boat Club is currently a very exciting place to be. We have lots new members, an active and competitive selection of squads and a thriving social life. An integral part of any successful crew is the cox … and we have a serious shortage of coxes!

What does a cox do?

A cox, or to use the full name coxswain, is somebody who steers a rowing boat and motivates the crew. The cox liaises with the coach, gives instructions to the rowers and the rowers carry out the commands without question.

What do we want?

We are looking to attract and train new members for the sole-purpose of becoming a cox. You don’t have to be sporty, in fact, you don’t even have to like exercise! You don’t need any previous rowing experience … all we ask is that you are able to swim (this is a basic requirement of a water sport, we don’t expect you to fall in!) and you have spare time on a weekday night and weekend mornings.

Of course anyone who has rowed or coxed before and wants to return to the sport is also very welcome!

What we offer

We will take candidates through a gently-paced course lasting 6 weeks in which we will teach individuals how to steer a boat, to give basic rowing commands along with the ins and outs of a rowing boat along with working with a crew. You will have a dedicated group of coaches and will have the opportunity to learn from other experienced coxswains.